Chasing the Horizon

I’ve been watching the sunset for the past two hours–first the golden thunderheads over West Tennessee and now the glistening, snow-capped peaks of New Mexico. It’s always surreal flying–experiencing the same day in different parts of the world. I’ve never quite gotten over it. 

That feeling is even more profound today after having woken up in my bed at home, spending the morning on the back porch with my parents, sitting in the car with Faith on her lunch on our three-year anniversary, and knowing that in a couple of hours, I’ll be on the ground in LA, most likely fighting traffic up the 405, and preparing myself for the whirlwind ahead of me that we call Hollywood. Once I land, I’ll be two-thousand miles away from my morning. Those moments that were just a reality, the smiles and hugs and laughs, will become memories. But, for now, it’s just me, the deepening pink clouds, the horizon I’m chasing, and a moment to let everything else catch up with me.
-May 13, 2014-